Immortalizing Elvis

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A real "Elvis Man" can rattle off exactly where he was when he heard the news of Elvis Presley's passing. Jerry Clark is no exception.

"Happened to be home, running in and out of the house...Some people stopped over and said 'Hey, did you hear Elvis died?'"

"That was a surprising, shocking day."

Every August 16th since has struck a chord with him. He's collected elvis' records since he was nine. This one, however, is a little different for him and his wife.

"We thought, maybe it's time to start sharing it with the public."

They got their chance by buying the old Main Street Bar in Knapp, cleaning the place up, filling it with all things Elvis, and calling it Pork's Place, a reference to a nickname Jerry's brother came up with years ago.

Even with all of the Elvis stuff there, it only scratches the surface of Jerry's collection. Believe it or not, back at home, he's got a duplicate of nearly every piece of vinyl in the place-nearly 6,000 all told.

Being in the jukebox business for some 30 years is what's helped bulk up Jerry's stash. Some of the records are even older than he is!

"It's just getting to be a piece of history."

The kind of history he has no intention of selling.

"A lot of people, I do think, thought Elvis was one of them and invincible."

This August 16th may seem like just one in 28 to some, but it's the first when Jerry's had this chance to immortalize "The King."

"Rumor has it he was into cheesburgers and we can make a pretty good cheeseburger!"

While surrounding it with something of a 'Promised Land' for any Elvis fan who's willing to stop by.