Seven-Year Old Drowns in Red Cedar River

The Chippewa Valley has had its share of tragic incidents on waterways this summer. Wednesday afternoon in Menomonie, one child drowned after going swimming in the Red Cedar River.

Around 3:00 that afternoon, a father and brother-in-law were on an outing with six children at the river. The brother-in-law was bringing two boys, one eight and the other seven, to shore when police say both boys disappeared down an embankment under the water.

Menomonie Police Chief Dennis Beety said the brother in law tried to save both boys.

"The brother-in-law was able to rescue the eight-year old at the time and he made a valient effort to rescue the seven year old but the current was just too swift."

Shortly after the seven-year old dissapeared, divers from Township Fire and the Chippewa Fire District were called in to search for the boy.

After an extensive search, the boy's body was found about 100 yards downstream in about eight feet of water.

Police are urging people to use caution when they take to the water, especially rivers and streams where unexpected dropoffs and undertows can catch even experienced swimmers by surprise.