Another Option: Adult Foster Care

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As nursing homes and assisted living facilities downsize, many elderly residents and adults with disabilities are increasingly being displaced.

Adult foster care places those individuals with families, who are screened and trained to help care for their needs.

June Nelson helped found such a program in Eau Claire and her family has cared for two women since 1975. "Ginny and Vivien have lived with us for 30 years as of last June," says Nelson. "They had to teach me everything. We all had to learn how to communicate with each other."

Organizers say the range of needs is as diverse as the families who care for them. "We see it as a great resource, a great option for people to live fairly independently, but with that service and support that they might need," says Dale Tickler, Eau Claire County's coordinator.

For more information on the adult foster care program, contact your county's department of human services. That number for Eau Claire County is (715) 831-5713.