Fairgoers Find Ways To Keep Cool

With temperatures expected to stay in the 90's, going outdoors means keeping hydrated and trying to keep cool.
One place many people will be going this weekend is the Northern Wisconsin State fair in Chippewa Falls.
In case they're needed, Chippewa Falls Fire Department EMT's and the American Red Cross have stations set up for people to visit.
EMT's have the equipment to respond to an emergency situation, but for the person needing a break from the heat there is a mist fan for people to stop at and cool off.
And they suggest people do everything they can to keep hydrated.
"Drink as much water as you can because you can lose 1 to 3 liters of water and hour just by sweating," Chippewa Falls EMT Trevor Weiland says.
...EMT's say there have only been a few heat related problems, but they keep pushing the water, with the heat expected to stick around for this weekend.