Oakwood Villa Cited

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Leaders of the company that lost their license to run Lakeside Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Chippewa Falls are in hot water once again.

This time the state issued citations against another nursing home Extendicare owns, Oakwood Villa in Altoona, for patient care issues.

The nursing home is in jeopardy of losing its Medicare and Medicaid funding if they don't make some changes soon.

State regulators are giving managers less than three weeks to do so.

This all started in March, when regulators came to Altoona to re-certify the facility, and to check out a complaint.

They discovered violations in the ways staffers were caring for their patients. What bothers the inspectors even more is that they say the problems have gone unsolved since then.

"We have gone back three times...To make sure they have implemented those corrections and they have not to our satisfaction," said Stephanie Marqui of the Department of Health and Family Services.

In the meantime, directors at Oakwood Villa have submitted a plan to take care of all this, and investigators are just waiting for the feds to give them the go ahead to go back.

"We'll essentially be looking at how they told us they'd be correcting those problems. We'll be making sure they have implimented those and been maintaining those."

In a statement, Oakwood Villa's Regional Director calls the citations an issue of "response timeliness:" how quickly orders are met, or how fast they get a doctor to discuss results from a lab.

The Director goes on to say they've asked the state to come back for a fourth visit, and that they should be back in compliance after that inspection.