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48-year-old Thomas Brick is charged with misconduct in office, obtaining a controlled substance by fraud, and possession of narcotics, all felony charges. There were also two misdemeanors charges filed for possession of an illegally obtained prescription and theft of property.

According to the criminal complaint, Brick obtained 50 vials of morphine from St. Joseph's hospital, which were found in his vehicle.

Brick says another 250 vials missing from the department were sent back to the manufacturing company, but documentation from a shipping company shows Brick sent only a manila envelope.

"At this point, there's no clear answer what happened to the 250 vials," says assistant district attorney Roy La Barton Gay. "I charged what I felt I could reasonable prove beyond a reasonable doubt. If we get more information, that may change."

Brick, who is on paid leave, is also facing a civil case filed by the city.

An attorney representing the fire department says at an upcoming hearing with the Police and Fire Commission, officials are going to request Brick's dismissal.