Violence in Menomonie

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Police say they haven't determined the motive for the fight Sunday morning that hospitalized six people. What they do know is that a group from Minnesota and some local people were involved in an incident where six people were stabbed after the Off-Broadway bar closed.

The victims from both groups either drove or were transported by ambulance to Red Cedar Medical Center. Two people were arrested at the hospital including a Minnesota man, who police say was yelling racial slurs.

Police say witnesses are still being interviewed to determine what caused the violence in the first place. "Everyone interprets the incident in a slightly different way, their own view on the matter is going to be a little different. We're just trying to pool it all together to find the correct motive," says Officer Aaron Bergh.

Two people were treated and released, but three were transported to hospitals in Eau Claire and another was airlifted to Regions Hospital in Minnesota.

There's no word yet on other potential arrests or charges that could follow.