Eau Claire State Representative Wants UW Paid Leaves Banned

A Republican legislator wants to create a law to ban U-W System schools from giving administrators paid leave and backup jobs when they resign.

Representative Rob Kreibich of Eau Claire chairs the Assembly's colleges and universities committee. He says the paid leaves are inappropriate at a time when state funding is tight and the university system is complaining of being shortchanged by the Legislature.

Kreibich says "creating golden parachutes for underperforming executives is hurting the cause of the entire system."

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has reported that a provost and three deans at U-W Milwaukee were paid a total of more than 600-thousand dollars for yearlong leaves granted after their resignations.

U-W Madison came under fire for continuing to pay Paul Barrows his nearly 200-thousand dollars a year salary during a seven-month paid leave after he stepped down as vice chancellor.

And U-W Green Bay has acknowledged that its dean of liberal arts and sciences who leave a year ago collected her 113-thousand dollar salary through the end of last month.