Local Pharmcist Goes to New Orleans

Thousands of people have already joined the relief effort in the gulf coast including
An Eau Claire pharmacist who will leave for New Orleans Saturday as part of a Disaster Medical Team out of Minnesota.
Right now John VanDeVoort is the pharmacy director at sacred heart hospital, but soon he'll be filling prescriptions and working to help hurricane victims in new orleans.
VanDeVoort went on a similar mission a year ago after Hurricane Ivan devistated Florida .
He's says after that experience he's eager to help out this time as well.
"I look at it like, this disrupts our life for two weeks,but for the people down there it will take months and months to get back on their feet," VanDeVoort said.
The team will set up an emergency medical tent to aid victims with VanDeVoort being in charge of pharmaceutical drugs.