Hutchinson Technology Set For Major Expansion At Eau Claire Facility

Hutchinson Technology (HTI) in Hutchinson, Minnesota Friday announced that the company will spend up to $30 million dollars at its Eau Claire plant in the next year to increase capacity.
Company officials did not disclose how many new employees would be hired, but an Eau Claire official indicated that a substanial number of jobs would be created. However, in addition to the announcement for the plant expansion, HTI said it will hire about 20 people a week from now through September. The hirings will increase HTI's Eau Claire employment to about 1,500.
HTI manufacturers suspension assemblies that secure the recording heads spinning above computer hard drive surfaces.
At one time HTI controlled 70% of the global market for the product, with output coming from plants in Eau Claire, Hutchinson, Minnesota and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
HTI said the Eau Claire expansion is due to an increase in demand for consumer devices such as TiVos and iPods.
Hutchinson Technology opened manufacturing facilities in Eau Claire in 1995.