Donation Total Eclipses $400,000

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The goal of the American Red Cross is still to help everyone in the affected cities get back to the way things were for them before the hurricane.

The donations are good, but Red Cross officials are hoping that generosity continues.

As for what they have so far on a national level, the money has come in even faster than it did for the red cross after the September Eleventh Attacks, but officials say more online donations contributed to that.

"It's very important for people to be flexible to support this for the months it will take till it's close to a resolution and help get people back to as normal a life as possible," said Amy Doughty of the Chippewa Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Meanwhile, 23 of their volunteers from the Chippewa Valley have trained and headed down there to help victims first-hand.

A few of those volunteers are already back in town, and officials say they're still accepting donations for the cause, and training more volunteers who have the time to go down to the Gulf Coast and help out.