State Budget Now Law; Governor Uses "Veto Pen"

If you're a school teacher, a property taxpayer or a nature lover, Governor Doyle's state budget vetoes affect you.

Doyle has one of the most powerful veto pens in the country, and he used it liberally Monday when he signed the state's two-year, 53-billion dollar budget.

The Democrat used his veto power to nearly double the amount of new money Republicans would have given public schools.

He did it by cutting transportation spending, using more bonds instead of cash to pay for Milwaukee freeway repairs, cutting money from medical assistance programs and selling more state buildings.

And Doyle also crafted a plan he calls a property tax "freeze," that would limit the amount of property tax increases local governments could levy. But he'll let technical colleges increase the levy.

University of Wisconsin students can also expect to see better financial aid packages, and bigger tax deductions for their tuition.