Wisconsin Schools Benefit From Doyle's Budget

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Governor Jim Doyle has been up front about the priority of education and that he planned to protect it. Monday, with 139 vetoes, the Governor transformed the Wisconsin budget.

Doyle diverted $360 million dollars toward education: those were funds the legislature wanted to spend on health care and transportation. The legislature wanted to give a $120 dollar increase in school district revenue to each student, Doyle's plan will give $248 dollars.

Eau Claire Superintendent, Bill Klaus feels schools across Wisconsin needed the extra money, "The legislature proposed an increase but not as much as what was allowed, the veto changed that from a partial increase to a full increase."

Chippewa Falls Superintendent, Mike Schoch agrees with Doyle's decision, "Obviously I have a vested interest in it, but he made a good decision to support education to the extent that it once was."