Administrator Position Won't be Voted On

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The administrator for the city of Chippewa Falls has been on the job for about two months now, and with a judge's ruling Wednesday, he'll remain there and the position won' t be up to voters to decide.
Chippewa Falls residents Barbara Davidson and Don Cooper, brought a law suit against the Chippewa Falls mayor and the common council, wanting in part, a moratorium for at least two years in the creation of the administrator position.
The residents' attorney says he's disappointed with the judge's ruling.
Eau Claire attorney John Hibbard says the judge made the decision "because the city council passed a budget with a line item for the administrator, the petition for direct legislation was too late.. the council had already legislated on the subject, once the council has legislated, then you can't have direct legislation."
Ultimately, the decision puts a stop to the request that the position be voted on through a referendum.
Mayor Dan Hedrington says he hopes the ruling doesn't give voters the impression their word doesn't count.
Davidson and Cooper will decide within a few days, if they plan to appeal the decision.