Longtime Firefighter in Chippewa Falls Arrested

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A longtime firefighter in Chippewa Falls has been arrested.

The district attorney's office says Tom Brick could potentially face felony charges for misconduct in office, theft by fraud, and possession of a narcotic with intent to deliver.

The 48-year-old Chippewa Falls man has been placed on administrative leave during the ongoing investigation. Brick has worked in the Chippewa Falls Fire Department for the past 15 years.

Fire chief Tom Larson says Brick served as the medical supply and control officer. Recently, the station's purchase orders and invoices for morphine sulfate, a commonly used pain medication, didn't match up with the supplies.

After a week long investigation, Brick was arrested Thursday afternoon by members of the West Central Wisconsin Drug Task Force.

"It was a shock that somebody with a 30 year history in this career, ems profession, put himself in such a position to get in this type of trouble," says Chief Tom Larson. "Our ethics, honesty and integrity has been compromised here and it's disappointing."

After a bond hearing Thursday, Brick was released on a $5,000 signature bond, and is expected back in court next month.