Lakeside Health Attains Compliance

Lakeside Health employees can breathe easier after learning early this morning they attained compliance in their latest survey.

The deadline for compliance was yesterday, but officials at Lakeside were not informed of the decision until this morning.

The healthcare center was given six months to comply with deficiencies in their care system.

During the last ten days members of the Bureau of Quality Assurance team from the Wisconsin Department of Health surveyed the facility.

The surveyors then gave the facility compliance with state and federal regulations.

Leaving officials with a big sigh of relief.

"It's something we needed to achieve to gain our funding to take care of our residents. We have 170 residents and we needed this to take care of their future and to ensure our future," administrator Deb Boyd says.

If the center did not attain compliance they would no longer receive Medicare and Medicaid funding...which would have required their residents to move out.