Police: Schroeder's Voice Captured on Videotape

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Prosecutors say the man charged with the shooting death of a teenager from La Crosse acted in a way that's more reckless than they had thought.

24-year old Russell Schroeder went before a judge Tuesday in Monroe County on charges including first degree reckless homicide.

Seventeen-year old Seth Hammes, who was killed during the incident Saturday night, was videotaping wildlife and landscape in a place where his friends and family bowhunt.

After he was shot, his camera was still recording, and officers say it picked up the sound of Schroeder telling Hammes that he had a cell phone and would call for help.

He would later tell officers that he never tried to help the victim. Instead, Schroeder went back to a birthday party he was at before the shooting, played video games, and went to work that night without telling anybody what happened.

Prosecutors say since Schroeder had recently taken a hunter safety course, and should have had common sense, the crime was more severe.

"Following the autopsy and our discussion with Dr. Huntington, there were two gunshot wounds," said District Attorney Daniel Cary.

"The nature of the activity lead me to conclude that first degree reckless homicide was more appropriate."

Prosecutors say unless some kind of doctor had been right at the scene to help Hammes, it would have been almost impossible to save his life.

Schroeder told police the person he shot at was in camoflauge, and that he thought his target was actually a squirrel.

His next court appearance is scheduled for Monday. If he's convicted, he could serve an 85 year prison sentence.