Lakeside Closing

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Officials with Lakeside Health, a major nursing home facility in Chippewa Falls announced they will close their doors in January.

Officials with lakeside health say they've decided to shut the long term care facility down because they have lost more than five million dollars in the past year.

In the statement officials say the inability to admit new residents for the last year has caused them to lose a significant amount of money.

So as of January 31st, 2006 166 residents and 275 employees will have to find a new place to live and work.

The Vice President of the company says they will offer assistance with moving the residents and helping employees find jobs.

Lakeside is operated by Benedictine Health System, who took over the facility more than year ago when Lakeside was in violation of numerous state and federal codes.

The facility has since met all requirements.

According to officials Lakeside will remain open until all residents have been successfully relocated.