State Officials Respond to Lakeside Closing

State lawmakers are now looking at ways to help the 166 residents who will be displaced due to the closing of Lakeside.
Republicans are citing a failure to override the Governor's veto that took millions of dollars in additional Medicaid funding away for nursing homes as a major reason for the closure.
But State Senator Dave Zien hopes to meet with officials at Lakeside and see what the legislature can do.
"I plan on meeting with Lakeside on Friday and meeting with my colleagues to see what can be done and get ideas for funding," Zein said.
But Representative Jeff Wood is not optimistic about the future of nursing homes throughout the state.
"This is just the tip of the iceberg. I expect we'll see many more nursing homes besides Lakeside that will close," Wood said.
According to the State Department of Health and Human Services says Wisconsin lost 39 nursing homes over the past 5 years and at least half of the remaining ones are financially at risk.