Corporate Technology Receives Seven Seals Award

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When Lieutenant Colonel Jim Lewis was deployed overseas with the 264th Engineer Group last July, his wife Jane, a retired member of the guard was the last to send them off.

"My heard just dropped because i know all the feelings the families had at that point in time," she said.

"The first three months, I think, of their deployment from the time they leave are the worst."

It's because families have to re-learn how to live without their loved one, but she already had a project in the works to make things easier on them all.

A website to keep soldiers connected to their families.

Her employer, Corporate Technologies liked the idea enough to sponsor it for the year Jim was away.

"The people we were most interested in are the people from the Chippewa Valley who went to Iraq," said President and Owner Robert Krause.

As fast as email can be, it took a full week for the soldiers to get connected. After that, the 264th website address ended up in a lot of favorite places.

"I think everybody used it, we were all logged onto it," Jim said.

Because of that success, the company was given the e-s-g-r's 7-seals award, something their President hadn't even heard of until a few days ago.

"I don't think we've done enough to receive an award but I will accept it because of what it means to the community."

In the meantime, Jane's convinced the state to get on board with a similar website, one that any soldier can use with their families.

"Each and every one of us...We know what we feel like," Jane said.

But it's a slightly better feeling while staying connected on the information superhighway.