Sixth Try A Success To Swim Superior

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After six attempts to swim across Lake Superior, there is success for Jim Dreyer.

In a storm and a near-hypothermic state, Dreyer reached Cape Gargantua, Ontario Thursday night. The 41-year-old endurance swimmer finished the 54-mile swim he started Monday at Whitefish Point, Michigan.

Dreyer is one of the first swimmers to cross all five Great Lakes.

A supporter, Tom Farnquist, says Dreyer was "on auto pilot for the last part" of his feat.

Farnquist and a few others in boats were periodically checking on Dreyer. He's been swimming alone and pulling his supplies in a raft.

Dreyer lives in Byron Center just south of Grand Rapids. He says his swim is raising money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and for a memorial to mariners who lost their lives in the Great Lakes.