Teachers, Students Hope Evacuees Will Benefit From Their Project

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A self-proclaimed "outdoorsy-kind-of" guy, sixth grader Drew Schaefer feels right at home doing landscaping work.

So when his teacher came up with the idea to partner up with a landowner in hopes of putting up a family of hurricane victims, he was all for it.

"Before we got out here, nothing was really planted."

"It really begins with the idea that, as Catholics, we're called to help people," said instructor Paula Frank.

Even though they don't even know who they'll be helping at this point, the students spent much of their Tuesday turning a mobile house into a home.

"We're planting flowers, picking up garbage, sticks rocks and a lot of other stuff," Drew said.

"It was a good idea and we all liked it."

"The students have also helped to raise $2,000 for this family along with another $270 that comes from a side project. Two of the students started making bracelets and about 150-of their classmates ended up buying them.

"The girls really began completely on their own," Frank said.

"When we started selling at school, kids really seemed to like them so we made more," said Lauren Brunette, who came up with the idea with her classmate, Jessica Wirz.

Some of the kids parents are also donating labor and money toward the effort.

It seems a rural property about 12 miles away from the classroom is a great place for Drew and his classmates to learn.

"There's still families in Eau Claire that are in need," Drew said.

"I just can't wait till we get a family in here, it's gonna be really cool," said Brunette.

Though much cooler thanks to an amateur landscaper who now has the tools to become a seasoned philanthropist.