Vang: History Of Suicidal, Homicidal Thoughts

A psychiatrist says Chai Soua Vang had a history of suicidal and homicidal thoughts dating back two decades or more.

Psychiatrist Robert Rawski examined Vang before the St. Paul man went on trial for the fatal shootings of six Wisconsin deer hunters.

In the report -- obtained by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel -- Rawski also says Vang believed the voice of an "evil shaman" has spoken to him occasionally since 1995.

Vang was found guilty last month on six counts of first-degree intentional homicide and three counts of attempted homicide. He's scheduled to be sentenced November 8th.

Vang, a Hmong immigrant, contended he fired in self-defense after the other hunters -- who found him trespassing in a tree stand last November -- used profanity and ethnic slurs against him and fired a shot at him.

Two survivors of the shooting testified that Vang opened fire first, and that he had already shot some of the hunters by the time a single shot was fired at him.