Western Wisconsin's Fort McCoy Faces Realignments

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A federal base-closing commission voted Wednesday to accept a Pentagon plan to revamp Fort McCoy in western Wisconsin.

The plan would move Fort McCoy's 84th Army Reserve Regional Training Center to Fort Knox.

It also would create a new Northwest Regional Readiness Command Headquarters at Fort McCoy, located in western Wisconsin.

That command center would absorb the 88th Regional Readiness Command from Fort Snelling in Minnesota.

According to the Pentagon, the base would lose 282 military jobs and gain 51 civilian jobs, for a net loss of 231 jobs.

Nationally, the Pentagon proposed closing or consolidating a record 62 major military bases and 775 smaller installations to save nearly 49 (b) billion over 20 years.

The commission will send the proposal to President Bush in September and then to Congress later this fall.