School Grieves

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School officials wanted to keep a sense of normalcy for the school week, but knew Monday would be a difficult morning. There were a number of crisis counselors on hand at the school today, not just for students, but staff as well.

Chippewa Falls Superintendent Mike Schoch said at Sunday night's prayer service, students were starting the grief process by seeking support. The natural continuance of that process was to keep that spirit of healing at school Monday morning.

"We really hope our kids come back to school today because we believe this is the proper, appropriate and best place for them to get the kind of care they need from one another and from caring adults in the building," says Schoch.

One of the most difficult rooms to enter is the one that housed the band program. Principal Jim Sauter recognized that, and added counselors to help fill the empty space.

"I think we're going to be going through the various stages of grief here over the next several days, just the shock from the initial accident and the reality that things are certainly going to be different here without Mr. G," says Sauter.

Students were able to leave during any point of their day. There were substitute teachers also on hand, if staff needed to step away.