Hospital Update

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Out of the 29 people that were hospitalized after the accident, six are still in the hospital, but Superintendent Mike Schoch said they went in as critical and have since been upgraded.

Two are students, a high school student and a middle school student who was on the trip accompanying crash victim Morgan Greenhalgh.

Three are former Chippewa Falls band students who were on the trip as adult chaperones.

The other band director in band program, Brian Collicott, will be hospitalized for some time with multiple broken bones and injuries, including one that required ankle surgery.

Superintendent Schoch acknowledged he hasn't dealt with this much tragedy and trauma and knows while its difficult for students to come to school, it's the best place for them to be.

There is also a large hole in the band program staff after 48-year-old band director Doug Greenhalgh and 24-year-old student teacher Brandon Atherton died in the early morning crash.