Federal Investigators Begin Work on Crash

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"My role is to look at it and see if there's something more there-something other than the ordinary negligence any of us my be guilty of any day of the week."

Rich White says he's one step removed from the scene for now...

"I don't make a conclusion until i see all the information."

That's where the NTSB's investigation comes into play.

So far, they haven't figured out how fast either vehicle was going before the crash.

"There's a loss of control that occurred, that's all we know," said Investigator-in-Charge David Rayburn.

During the course of the next week or so, the team of investigators will look for devices that track speed, and how long a vehicle had been in service.

"I think this was a pretty routine trip for the truck driver, he's familiar with this route," Rayburn said.

Still, he may have been tired on this particular drive, something investigators always look into for this kind of crash.

Later in the week, they plan to interview the driver, 22-year old Michael Kozlowski, and audit the bus and truck companies sometime soon.

"Normally it takes four months of fact-finding then we analyze the info."<<

Investigators didn't see any skid marks they say would have been left from the bus at the scene of the crash, but that doesn't mean the driver didn't try to stop.

Since the truck had no visible reflectors, and the bus was only about a minute away after the semi overturned, they say it would have been awfully tough for the driver to see what was in his path.