Twenty-Six-Old-Murder Case In Ladysmith Heard By Judge This Week

A preliminary hearing continues in a 26-year-old murder case in Ladysmith.

Rusk County Judge Frederick Henderson will decide whether there's enough evidence to try a former Wisconsin woman, Cherie Barnard, on charges she took part in a plot to kill Robert Pfeil, Junior, back in 1979.

Among those testifying was John Rogers, a brother of Robert Rogers who then served as Rusk County district attorney. John Rogers admits killing Pfeil with a shotgun.

Prosecutors say the Rogers brothers did the killing because Robert Rogers feared Pfeil would kill him. Pfeil had angrily confronted the D-A and sheriff's officials because deputies shot and killed his dogs.

John Rogers says Barnard, who was his brother's girlfriend, helped hatch the murder plot. She's now a lawyer in California. But, she's back in Wisconsin facing charges of first-degree murder and lying to a grand jury. Also charged in the case are two Rogers brothers, John and Dale.

Robert Rogers married Barnard after they moved to California in 1980. They later divorced. Authorities in California say Rogers then killed a man who was seeing Barnard and committed suicide in 1984.