Wisconsin Tops The Nation In Public School Math And Reading Skills

Test scores show Wisconsin schoolchildren top the national average in math and reading. But, the state's black and Hispanic students still trail in performance levels.

Math scores for 83% of Wisconsin fourth-graders were at a basic level or better. That compares with 79% nationwide.

In reading, 67% of fourth-graders in the state read at a basic or better level, which surpasses the national average of 63% But, it still means one in three four-graders read at less than a basic level. The number of Wisconsin eighth-graders who read at a basic level or better rose to 76%.

Despite the overall results for Wisconsin, there are disparities in the academic performances of minorities, similar to those shown in the nationwide figures.

For example, among Wisconsin fourth-graders, white students scored an average of 247 on the math section. Asians and Pacific Islanders averaged a score of 236, Hispanics 224 and blacks 210. Scores are based on a scale of zero to 500.