Brick Will Go to Trial

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The Chippewa Falls firefighter accused of multiple felonies involving possession of morphine and obtaining a controlled substance by fraud will go to trial.

48-year-old Thomas Brick served as the medical supply and control officer for the Chippewa Falls Fire Department.

An investigation this summer found that purchase orders and supplies for morphine didn't match up.

Despite a policy change in March of this week specifically calling for no more morphine purchases, the district attorney's office says Brick allegedly made 11 more.

"We had so much in inventory there was no way we were ever going to use up what we had before it would expire," testified Fire Chief Tom Larson." (Brick) said he kept buying them because he was saving the city money because morphine products were going to go up in price and he was getting a good deal on it."

An arraignment has been scheduled for the first week of November.

Brick is officially on a leave of absence from the department, but will go before the Police and Fire Commission next Wednesday to start proceedings for termination.