Hundreds Pay Respect to Greenhalgh Family, Students to Act as Color Guard

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Once upon a time, the soon-to-be Eau Claire Memorial Band Director competed for the position Greenhalgh would hold for more than two decades.

"He pretty much was a lock for the job because, as is pretty well known now, he was a master of the marching band genre."

When Bruce Hering first heard news of the crash, his first reaction was to write an email to Greenhalgh.

"That email is still on my computer. I can't bring myself to throw it away."

On Thursday, three of Hering's students will act as part of a color guard for Greenhalgh's funeral.

They volunteered, even though none of them had ever met him.

"I actually knew Branden who died in the crash," said Memorial Senior Alyssa Severson.

"I felt a connection to the whole thing and I felt in my gut that I should do it."

"We're just trying to pay the highest respect for him that we can," said Senior Mike Doering.

"It's just a way for us to say we remember you, we honor you," Hering said.

"This is a tribute, the best way we know."

Hering says greenhalgh's fire and energy was so contagious, it was obviously within his students, so it stands to reason why so many of them were at the visitation.

The funeral is scheduled for Thursday at Trinity United Methodist Church at 10:30 a.m.