Greenhalgh Funeral

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Family, friends and students said their final goodbyes to Doug, Therese and Morgan. A funeral service for all three was held at Trinity United Methodist Church in Chippewa Falls, where the Greenhalghs were members.

The congregation was just one of the many families paying tribute to them Thursday. There were hundreds of people at the funeral. Doug and Therese were district directors for the Gold Wing Road Riders Association, and more than 50 bikers were part of the procession.

There was also a rainbow of band uniforms, a fitting tribute for honoring the director who had lead so many.

"There are not a lot of people like that can touch young people's lives and touch old people's lives and everyone in between. That's a really great person," says Pastor Richard Estrem-Fuller.

Just as the Greenhalghs infused the community with music, their funeral service was filled with music, including a few CD selections from the family and "When the Saints Come Marching in", played by an alumni brass band.

The family was laid to rest at Forest Hill Cemetery.