County Leaders Learn From Rescue Efforts

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Local officers and emergency government officials are keeping tabs on the progress on the Gulf Coast, to prepare for a potential natural disaster in Western Wisconsin.

It's happened before, though people living in Black River Falls got the brunt of 1993's flooding worse than most in Eau Claire County.
Those spring floods are still fresh in many minds around the area.

And when you're talking about local disasters, that's about as close as we could get to the toxic soup that's hanging around in New Orleans.

"That whole thing when you have people you're trying to keep out, yet there are people who are trying to come in is a major undertaking in any disaster," Eau Claire County Sheriff Ron Cramer said.

"We have plans in place so we have a lot of resources to deal with a situation like that," said Eau Claire County Emergency Management Coordinator Hal Swanstrom.

Emergency Management Coordinators say they'd alert the public through TV and radio, then work on exactly how and where they'd put the neighbors.