Wisconsin Aid Efforts To Hurricane Victims Grows

Developments in Wisconsin's reaction to victims of Hurricane Katrina:

--Hurricane refugees trickled into Wisconsin to rebuild lives shattered by Katrina but not in numbers expected by the governor as an offer of help went unanswered by federal officials. So far, 56 families displaced by Hurricane Katrina have arrived in the Milwaukee area seeking help, said Kate Hinze, spokeswoman for the Greater Milwaukee Red Cross.

--Governor Jim Doyle ordered that flags be flown at half-staff at all buildings, grounds, and military installations of the state to honor the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The order is effective until sunset September 20.

--State officials were unsure how many refugees would be coming to Wisconsin, said Stephanie Marquis, spokeswoman for the state Emergency Operations Center.

--Wisconsin school districts expecting to enroll students from the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast are eliminating paperwork requirements, surveying available classroom space and making plans to collect supplies.

-In Eau Claire, nearly $250,000 has been donated to the Red Cross Emergency Relief Fund.