Kind Calls FEMA Director "Abysmal Failure"

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As evacuation efforts continue in the Gulf Region, several lawmakers are leading the fight to find out what went wrong in the days following the hurricane.

Two Congressional investigations have been announced with calls for a third. Several Democrats, including 3rd Congressional District Representative Ron Kind, are calling on the President to fire FEMA director Mike Brown, who they say didn't act quickly enough.

"If you have people who are not up to the job and capable of performing this, they need to be replaced and people who know what they're doing need to be put in charge," said Kind. "The director of FEMA has been an abysmal failure. He should either resign or the President should fire him."

But despite the calls for his firing, President Bush is defending Brown.

White house spokesperson Scott McClellan says the Administration, "appreciates the great effort that FEMA is doing, including the head of FEMA."

Relief and recovery efforts from Katrina cost the federal government about $2 billion dollars a day.

By comparison, the military operation in Iraq costs the government an estimated 164-million dollars a day.