Keeping Kids Safe on Halloween

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State leaders and local police are encouraging you to keep an eye on your kids this Halloween, and be proactive in assuring their safety.

That could mean skipping your plans for Monday night, or maybe just postponing your plans until after trick-or-treating hours.

Those hours in the city of Eau Claire are between 5:30-and-7:30 at night Monday.

Since it's getting darker earlier, and officers say night-time trick-or-treating seems to be a little riskier for kids, it's especially important to be around as they go door-to-door.

Besides, that's what officers say will severely decrease the risk of your kids running into sex offenders during the holiday.

There are about 70,000 sex offenders in Wisconsin who are under some kind of community supervision, though less than a third are registered, and about a third of that total can't be around kids.

Hundreds are in Northwestern Wisconsin.

"It would be difficult with our limited resources to be able to watch every one of their houses on top of everything else that's going on in the city," said Lieutenant Karl Fisher of the Eau Claire Police Department.

Officers say just being there with your kids can reduce most of the risk an offender could potentially create on Halloween.

"I think any event like this, parents have to use caution as far as staying in neighborhoods where you recognize the families and knowing what neighborhoods you're in."

State leaders have set up a hotline to report any violations involving those sex offenders and a website to track your community.

The hotline is toll free at 1-877-234-0085, and the website is

You can also email a violation to