Senate District 23 Race

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November 2006 isn't a presidential election year, meaning the elections that are taking place are going to focus heavily on issues that affect our area and the state as a whole.

Political analyst John Frank says West Central Wisconsin is going to be an epicenter of state legislative races, in particular the one for Senate District 23. Incumbent Dave Zien is being challenged by former WEAU news anchor Pat Kreitlow.

Even though the election isn't for another year, Frank expects campaigning will heat up soon.

"No matter what issue they're going to discuss, this is going to be a fascinating race, because you have two people who are not necessarily polar opposites on every issue, but certainly have opinions and the opinions don't often coincide," says Frank. "It's going to be fun to watch and fun for the people, too, because they're going to get a good discussion of the issues and after all, that's what an election is about."

Frank says key issues for voters in all the upcoming state elections will be the economy, good paying jobs, education and taxes.