UW System Students Continue National Lead In Binge Drinking

A new survey shows the University of Wisconsin System hasn't solved its problems with student drinking.

According to the survey, students at U-W campuses across the state binge drink at a higher rate than their peers across the nation, with six out of ten of them admitting it.

And the survey indicates the heavy drinking takes a toll, often leading to poor academic performance and risky personal behavior such as drunken driving and even unprotected sex.

U-W spokesman Doug Bradley says it's a significant problem nationwide that's acute in Wisconsin because of a culture where the young seem more inclined to binge drink.

The survey goes to U-W regents this week. It showed seven of ten male students and more than half of female students said they consumed five or more drinks in one sitting at least once during the previous two weeks -- the amount defined as binge drinking.

The U-W poll involved just over 12-thousand students who responded to an online questionnaire. The margin of error was listed as plus or minus one percentage point.