Packer Woes Continue

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Underneath a seemingly normal Monday in the Eau Claire area lies some pretty serious discontent.

"We can't win all the time," Bob Hanson of New Auburn said.
"We just have too many injured players this year," added Mary Wheeler of Eau Claire.

Seven Packer losses have piled up.

That hasn't happened this early in the season since 1986.

"What can we complain about? Look at how many good seasons we've had," Hanson said.

When Pittsburgh rolled into town on Sunday, fans still gathered around their TV's and packed Lambeau.

"I was hoping they would win," Wheeler said.

Brett Favre still seems to be the catalyst for that optimism. His fourth quarter pass that ended up in unfamiliar hands was all that some fans could take.

"That's what made me mad, so I shut it off!"

A local author says it's a drop-off in talent that makes the packers such a bad team this year.

"The NFL is so competitive nowadays when you add up mistakes you make personnel-wise you're gonna be losing football games," Jerry Poling said.

But through all the heartache and dissapointment, Lambeau remains sold out through the season, and packer fans seem to be sold on their team.
Some still dream of a stretch run to the post-season.

"That's a pretty tall order to ask for, but i don't think they're out of the playoff picture totally," Poling said.

"I think there's still hope," Wheeler said. "Brett's got a few more tricks up his sleeve."

"We're always going to go to the games," said Sue Olson of Eau Claire. "We're always going to be there, but it's just that it's tough."

As it would be for any fans of any team with 7-losses in 8-games and a long tradition of winning.