Guest Conductor, Student Teacher

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School officials at Chippewa Falls High School haven't made any decisions about the open positions in the band program, but this week, students have two conductors.

One is student teacher Andrei Strizek, a UW-Eau Claire senior who has worked with the marching band over the past two years.

The other is University of Minnesota School of Music professor Jerry Luckhardt, visiting for the week, who says he is very impressed with the district's music program.

"It's very much about family and community," says Luckhardt. "It's very much about process not product it deals with both the academic side of music as well as the performance side of music. It prepares the students really well if they want a career in music and or be around music for a lifetime."

Luckhardt, along with help from students and the music technology classes, composed a piece named "Remembrance" that the band will start working on Thursday.