Police Close In On Avery Property Over Woman's Disappearence

The Calumet County sheriff says the investigation into the disappearance of Teresa Halbach is now a homicide case after female adult remains were found on the Avery family property.

Sheriff Jerry Pagel says the female bones and adult teeth found on the property have not yet been identified.

The sheriff also says there was and attempt to dispose of a body by "incendiary means." He says that attempt was not completely successful.

Pagel says there was a significant amount of blood found in Halbach's vehicle and the ignition key to her vehicle was found in Steven Avery's bedroom.

The sheriff says blood was found on the Avery property and in buildings on the Averys' land.

Steven Avery was arrested Wednesday on a weapons charge. He has not been accused in Halbach's disappearance.

Calumet County District Attorney Ken Kratz says they have not narrowed their focus to one particular suspect at this point. Avery and seven family members submitted D-N-A samples to authorities yesterday.

Sheriff Pagel says dozens of law enforcement officers continue to search for additional evidence today at the Avery property.

Avery is the man who spent 18 years in prison for a sexual assault of which he was later exonerated. He was last incarcerated at the
Stanley prison in Chippewa County.