Witness Says Vang Nervous Following Deer Hunter Shootings

A man who met Chai Vang in the woods of Sawyer County shortly after eight hunters were shot testified Wednesday Vang politely asked for directions, although he seemed nervous and in a hurry.

Daryl Gass says he heard about 15 shots over ten minutes about 500 yards from his tree stand around noon on November 21st. He expected to see a deer running his way. Instead he saw a man wearing camouflage, instead of the usual blaze orange, carrying a gun and backpack.

Gass identified the man as Chai Vang. He testified that he gave him directions to a logging road that would lead him out of the woods. Vang apologized for interrupting his hunting and quickly walked away.

Gass was apparently the first person to encounter Vang after the shootings that left six dead and two wounded deep in the woods. Vang and the hunters got into a confrontation after they found Vang in a tree stand on private property.

Vang says he acted in self-defense after someone shot at him first.