Menards Corporate Headquarters To Expand

Menard To Expand
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There could be some new jobs heading to the Chippewa Valley as Menards plans to expand.

Menard's subsidiary, Midwest Manufacturing, wants to expand its corporate headquarters in Eau Claire County.

The expansion is part of Governor Doyle's Grow Wisconsin Project and at least 200 jobs are expected to be added.

Today Governor Jim Doyle announced that Menards is to build a new corporate headquarters on land the company already owns in the Eau Claire County Town of Union.

The building will not be built on land that was previously questioned by the DNR.

The state has put in a $4.2 million incentive package for the project.

Menards is the nation's third largest home-improvement retailer with more than 200 stores throughout the Midwest region.

The new building will be headquarters to the Midwest Manufacturing division owned by Menard.

The Midwest Manufacturing company has several facilities in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota.

The project will not only create a new headquarters, it will also develop a new data center.

Representative Rob Kreibich said this is a most important move.

"This is a very significant development in our region had we lost Menard Corporate Headquarters, I think that would have been a huge set back similar to the Uniroyal setback in the early 90's."

The incentive package for Menard totals$4.2 million. The package will help the company with expansion through capital investment and roadway improvements.

It also includes $1.2 million in income tax credits and a $1.5 million loan from the Department of Commerce.

In addition, another $1.2 million grant will cover needed road improvements is part of the package.

The entire project will create at least 200 jobs for the Chippewa valley area--an obligation that must be met in order to receive the state incentives.

"'s not just a blank check that is handed out,? said Representative Kreibich. ?They have to accomplish certain goals and have obligations in order to get that 4.2 million."

The state funds are to upgrade roadways around the existing facilities.