Vang Murder Trial Phone Call Told In Court

Chai Vang hasn't yet taken the witness stand ... but jurors for his murder trial have already heard his version of what happened last November 21st.

In Circuit Court at Hayward, prosecutors presented a letter he wrote to a newspaper reporter, a taped phone call to the same reporter and his statement to investigators as giving his story that he shot six deer hunters to death in self-defense.

He says a shot was fired at him as he was surrounded by several of the hunters ... but two survivors of the shooting already testified that Vang opened fire first.

Nobody disputes that some of the victims confronted Vang because he was trespassing in their tree stand in the woods of Sawyer County.

Vang, a Hmong immigrant from St. Paul, Minnesota, says one hunter, Robert Crotteau, used repeated profanity and racial slurs and threatened him if he ever returned to the private land.

Crotteau was among those killed.

Vang is expected to take the stand Thursday-- in the fifth day of his trial.