Vang Describes Shooting Sawyer County Deer Hunters

A Minnesota man on trial for shooting eight hunters in Sawyer County testified Thursday about how he opened fire on the hunting party after one of the hunters fired at him first.

An unemotional Chai Vang methodically detailed how he shot the hunters one-by-one in the woods near Exeland last November 21st after some of them confronted him about trespassing.

Vang says a hunter used profanity and racial slurs in ordering him off private property. Then Vang says as he was walking away, he saw hunter Terry Willers take the rifle off his shoulder and point it at him. Vang testified he heard a shot and saw the dirt from the bullet kick up about 40 feet away.

Then Vang says he quickly removed the scope from his rifle and shot Willers twice.

Vang testified that as everyone in the hunting group began to scatter, he "started charging." He stood up on the witness stand, pretended he had a rifle and described how he shot the rest of the hunters.

The truck driver is on trial for killing six in the hunting party and wounding two others

The jury will get the case Friday morning.