Pit Bull Attacks 85 year old woman

An Eau Claire family is asking for the city to restrict or ban pit bulls after a family member is seriously injured following an attack just outside her house.
85 year old Eileen Smiskey received numerous cuts to her left arm and head after being attacked by a neighbor's pit bull early Tuesday afternoon.
Smiskey needed stitches to help the wounds and remains hospitalized.
According to neighbors, this is not the first time the dog has caused problems for Smiskey and her family.
This attack plus others in the area have the family looking to the city for help.
"I understand dogs bite, but these dogs attack. I hope city council can do something to stop this. They protect us from smokers they should protect us from pit bulls," says Smiskey's son David Kent.
City Attorney Steve Nicks says the city is researching legislation that would ban pit bulls and the council could take a look at a possible proposal at their first meeting in October.