Merrill Dad Charged After Allegedly Hitting Student On Football Field

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The father of a Merrill High School football player is accused of punching a student he thought interfered with his son's attempt at kicking an extra point.

Bobby Grunenwald is charged with child abuse and disorderly conduct.

Authorities say Grunenwald came out of the stands at D.C. Everest's homecoming game against Merrill Friday and confronted a student who ran across the field as a prank. The student was wearing only purple underwear and a cape when he ran onto the field as the extra point was being kicked.

A criminal complaint says the 50-year-old Grunenwald accused the student of interfering with his son's kick, then punched him, drawing blood. The student was among several who face school discipline for running onto the field during the homecoming game.

Grunenwald spent the weekend in jail, posted bond after a court appearance Monday and was ordered to stay away from his son's games unless he gets permission from school authorities to attend.