RSI Grants

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A Chippewa Falls company has been awarded almost seven million dollars by the federal government to develop products to assist the military.

Rex Systems Incorporated has two research and development grants. One is being used to develop an updated marker for sites contaminated by nuclear, biological or other chemical agents. The other is a vest that would allow a team to communicate and be tracked by a mobile base over and independent network.

The product is designed for the army's first responders, but the company says it will save lives in other agencies as well.

"They'll be the first ones using but they'll set the precedent with this product and it'll be something that civilian market will be using and embracing," says marketing director Tom Guelzow.

"We're hoping the sooner the better, it's really needed."

Founded in 1973, RSI employs around 40 people and has worked on more than 3500 contracts with the government.