State Capitol Corruption Charges Result In Prison For One State Senator

A corruption scandal that erupted at the state Capitol four years ago has resulted in its first conviction of a former lawmaker ... and cases remain pending against five other defendants.

Former Democratic Senator Brian Burke of Milwaukee pleaded guilty Wednesday to a felony count of misconduct in office and a misdemeanor charge of obstructing a law enforcement officer, ending his three-year fight against charges that he abused the power of his office.

He's the first to be convicted out of five lawmakers -- two Democrats and three Republicans -- and a Republican aide charged as the result of the Capitol investigation. It focused mainly on the use of state-paid employees to do political campaign work in violation of state law.

Facing trial October 31st is former Democratic state Senator Chuck Chvala of Madison.

Scheduled for trial early next year are four Republicans -- Representative Scott Jensen of Waukesha ... former Representatives Steve Foti of Oconomowoc and Bonnie Ladwig of Racine ... and former Republican aide Sherry Schultz.

Burke is to be sentenced November 30th. His plea deal calls for a jail term of up to six months