Wife Of La Crosse State Senator Serving Jail Time

The wife of a La Crosse state senator is in jail for stealing prescription drugs.

Ruth Kapanke has begun serving a 14 day jail sentence in La Crosse County Circuit Court.

A La Crosse County judge sentenced Kapanke to the jail time this week, plus probation and restitution after she pleaded guilty to theft and illegally obtaining prescription drugs. Kapanke admitted stealing prescription pills from as many as 12 people.

Donna Tischer was among the people from whom Kapanke stole drugs. At sentencing yesterday, Tischer told the judge Kapanke portrays a sweet caring person, but in reality is a thief, liar, and a predator of the elderly.

Kapanke did not apologize to any of her victims. After her sentencing, Kapanke says she fought a drug addiction and said jail time is the right punishment.

Her husband, Republican State Senator Dan Kapanke, says his wife has been clean since June.